Administrative Sanction 2018-19
  • Oder No.TP(2)7457/2018 Dated: 11.04.2018,Soil and Root Health Management & Productivity Improvement

  • Order No.TP(2)7459/2018 Dated: 16.04.2018,Organic Farming and Good Agricultural Practices

  • Order No: TP(2)74678/2018, Dated: 04.04.2018, Contingency Programme to Meet Natural Calamities and Pest & Disease Endemic

  • Order No: TP(2)7451/2018 Dated: 09.04.2018, Development of Location Specific Crops

  • Order No: TP(2)7454/2018 Dated: 11.04.2018, Scheme for Development of Spices

  • Order No: TP(2)16286/2018 Dated: 11.04.2018, Scheme for Development of Pulses and Tubers

  • Order No: TP(1)15943 Dated: 12.04.2018, Rural Infrasructure Development Fund 2018-19