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27. MARKET DEVELOPMENT [2435-01-800-99]



 Working Instruction 

 Government Order 

 Administrative Sanction 


 Market development of VFPCK 





 AGMARKNET & Market Intelligence - Assistance for collection of data for AGMARKNET 

 TM(1)24450/2016 Dated:23.06.2016 

 GO (Rt) No.1249/2011/AD Dated: 06.07.2011 

 TP(2)14667/2016 Dated:05.05.2016 


 Prices Board 





 Strengthening market infrastructure (Agrl-wholesale markets under the department)  

 TM(1)24449/2016 Dated:23.06.2016  

 G.O (Rt) No.2468/2012/AD Dated: 26.12.2012 

 GO (Rt) No.1577/2014/AD Dated: 27.08.2014 

 TP(2)14667/2016 Dated:05.05.2016 

 2704 (1) 

 Transport Subsidy, Assistance for Auction Procedure and Market Fund for ARWM, Sulthan Bathery 


 GO(Rt)No.2468/2012/AD Dated: 26.12.2012 


 2704 (2) 

 Maintenance of Infrastructure facilities : Buildings, Roads and Drains 


 GO(Rt)No.2468/2012/AD Dated: 26.12.2012 








 Share capital to Horticorp 





 Operational cost 





 WTO Cell 





 SAGL -Honorarium, Exhibition 





 Transport subsidy enhancement: Transport subsidy and operational support to District level procurement cum Marketing Centres 

 TM(1)25442/2016 Dated:23.06.2016  

 GO(Rt)No.2292/2011/AD Dated:08.12.2011 

 GO(Rt) No 1577/2014/AD Dated:27.08.2014 

 TP(2)13786/2015 Dated:09.09.2015 

 TP(2)14667/2016 Dated:05.05.2016