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14. AGRO SERVICE CENTRES AND SERVICE DELIVERY [2401-00-113-83 & 4401-00-113-98]



 Working Instruction 

 Government Order 

 Administrative Sanction 


 Establishment of 15 Agro Service Centres 

 TV(1)16993/2016 Dated:03.05.2016  

 G.O(Rt)No.1548/2012/AD Dated:30.07.2012  

 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.04.2016  


 Computers to Agro Service Centres, Krishi Bhavans and other offices 

 IT-16997/2016 Dated:22.04.2016 

 G.O(Rt)No.1241/13/AD Dated:02.07.2013  

 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.04.2016  


 Replacement of vehicles 





 Database at Panchayat Level 





 Operational support (Wages to Mobile Agro Clinics) 

 TV(1)16992/2016 Dated:03.05.2016  

  G.O(Rt)No.1728/2013/AD Dated:03.10.2013  

 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.06.2016  


 Updation of Online Farmer Database and Customization of software under Farmer registration and e-Payment system  





 Infrastructue support to Block ADA & Krishi Bhavans for modernization 





 Support to Karshika Karmasena 





 1408 (1) 

 Launching of the Web Portal for Karshika Karma Sena 





 Outsourcing for pending Audit Works work for improving Service Delivery 





 Soil testing Labs in selected Agro-Service Centres 

 TV(1)16991/2016 Dated:03.05.2016  

 G.O(Rt)No.1556/2014/AD Dated:25.08.2014  

 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.04.2016  


 Operational Support for Vehicles at Krishi Bhavans (2W) 

 TV(1)16990/2016 Dated:03.05.2016  

 G.O(Rt)No.1276/2012/AD Dated:16.06.2012  

 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.04.2016  


 Strengthening of existing 35 Agro-Service-Centres 

 TV (1) 16989/16 Dated:03.05.2016  

 G.O(Rt)No.1554/2014/AD Dated:25.08.2014  

 G.O(Rt)No.1555/AD Dated:25.08.2014  

 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.04.2016  

 1412 (1) 

 Purchase of need based machines at Local level for Agro Service Centres 




 1412 (2) 

 Training to members of Karshika Karma Sena 





 Customization of NIC Software for Farmer Registration & e-Payment 





 Prposal for providing agriculture machineries to Sramasakthi Award Winners to ensure a reputable source of livelihood  





 State share to Data Entry Operators at NeGP-A  





 Enhancement of Remuneration of Driver-cum-attendants in Mobile Agro clinics  





 Support to Farmer Registration and e-payment system 

 IT.16518/2016 Dated:22.04.2016 


 TP(2)14662/2016 Dated:20.04.2016