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06. CROP HEALTH MANAGEMENT [2401-00-107-78]



 Working Instruction 

 Government Order 

 Administrative Sanction 







 Development of Pests & Disease Survillance System and Advisories 




 0601 (1) 

 ATMA Component 





 Rodent Control 





 Establishment of District Referral Plant Health Clinics and Establishment of Plant Health Clinics at Panchayath level 





 Development of 9 Parasite Breedng Stations and Establishment of 2 more new Bio Control Labs 





 Devlopment of KCPM as an autonomous institution (KIPHM) 





 Awareness workshops and Quality Control 





 Mobile Clinics in 14 Districts including Contractual manpower support and Diagnostic Team 





 Capacity Building in association with NIPHM including PG Diploma in Plant Health Management 





 Development of Pheromones through IICT 





 Support to KVKs for Supporting Surveillance and Clinics 





 Diagnostic Material Development  





 CHM-additional components for 2015-2016 

 TD(1) 4816/2016 Dated: 17.02.2016 

 G.O(Rt)No.15/2016/AD Dated:17.02.2016 









 TD(1)14845/2016 Dated:13.04.2016 

  G.O(Rt) No.19/16/AD Dated:12.01.2016  

 TP(2)10507/16 Dated:01.04.2016  


 Publication of fortnightly & monthly pest news bulletin 





 Project based support to NIPHM trained officers 





 Cost of equipments supplied by Kerala Agro Industries Corporation for bud rot disease control 

 TD (1) 4778/2016 Dated:09.02.2016