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04. MODERNIZATION OF DEPARTMENTAL LABORATORIES [2401-00-105-86 & 4401-00-107-97]



 Working Instruction 

 Government Order 

 Administrative Sanction 


 Purchase of time saving equipments & Purchse of Chemeicals, Computers and other infrastructure support including AAS (4401)  






 0401 (1) 

 Strengthening of Central Soil Testing Laboratory, Central Soil Plant Health Centre, 14 DSTLs and 9 MSTLs 

 TF(2)17716/2016 Dated:06.06.2016  


 TP(2)14659/2016 Dated:18.05.2016  

 0401 (2) 

 Strengthening of State Pesticide Testing Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram 




 0401 (3) (a)& (b) 

 Strengthening of Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratories at TVM & PKD and Quality Control activities of the State  

  TQ(1)43529/2015 Dated:09.06.2016  


  TP(2)14659/2016 Dated:18.05.2016  

 0401 (4) (a)& (b) 

 Strengthening of Bio Fertilizer Laboratory at TVM anf PKD 

  TF(2)17715/2016 Dated:25.06.2016  


  TP(2)14659/2016 Dated:18.05.2016  

 0401 (5) (a)& (b) 

 Strengthening of Bio Control Laboratory and Parasite Breeding Stations 

  TD(1)16310/2016 Dated:25.05.2016  


 TP(2)14659/2016 Dated:18.05.2016  

 0401 (6) (a)& (b) 

 Strengthening of Seed Testing Laboratories at TVMand ALP 

 TA(3)48346/2015 Dated:23.06.2016  


 TP(2)14659/2016 Dated:18.05.2016 

 0401 (7) 

 Strengthening of State AGMARK Laboratories 

 TM(1)21190/2016 Dated:20.07.2016  


 TP(2)14659/2016 Dated:18.05.2016 

 0401 (8) 

 Drawal of samples for qulaiy control analysis 

 WI not released 



 0401 (9) 

 Executional Innfrastructure 

 WI not released 




 Operational expenses and manpower support 

 WI not released 




 Development of Organic Manures and biofertilizer Testing Laboratory 

 WI not released 




 Modern equipments for BFMC & Strengthening 





 Enhancement of rate of Training & honorarium to Lab Assistants in SAGLs 

 WI not released