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02. COCONUT DEVELOPMENT [2401-00-103-87]



 Working Instruction 

 Government Order 

 Administrative Sanction 


 Implementation during 2015-16 





 Integrated management of coconut gardens 





 Installation of irrigation units 





 Coconut climbing equipments for Clusters 





 Establishment of Organic Manure Production Units 





 Establishment of Coconut Nurseries 





 Assistance to Panchayat level Kera Samithies 





 Training technicians on Neera tapping 





 Operational support (including TE-13.00 & POL -9.00) 





 Coconut development- KERAGRAMAM 

 TB(1)14947/2016 Dated:20.04.2016  


 TP(2)10507/2016 Dated: 01.04.2016 


 Integrated farming in Coconut Holdings for Productivity Improvement – Idukki Package 





 Production of quality assured hybrid coconut seedlings, generating data base of dwarf mother palms, WCT coconut seedlings with bar code traceability