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01. RICE DEVELOPMENT [2401-00-102-90]



 Working Instruction 

 Government Order 

 Administrative Sanction 


 Sustainable Development of Rice Development (Input assistance @ Rs. 1500/- per Hectare 


 GO (Rt) No. 2191/2012/AD Dated: 07.11.2012 

 GO (RT) No. 1337/07/AD Dated: 21.07.2007 

 GO (RT) No. 1218/12/AD Dated: 06.06.2012 

 GO (RT) No. 1247/13/AD Dated: 03.07.2013 



 Assistance to Paddy Development Agencies 





 Promotion of Speciality Rice Cultivation 





 Operational Support to Padasekhara Samithies for Group Farming  





 Comprehensive Development of Rice 2015-16 


 TA(1)14841/2016 Dated:04.04.2016  


 TP(2)13771/2015 Dated: 26.03.2015  

 TP(2)10507/2016 Dated:01.04.2016 


 Registered Seed Growers Programme (RSGP) 





 Upland Rice Cultivation 


 TA(1)21819/2016 Dated:30.05.2016  

 TA(1)21819/2016 Dated:23.09.2016  

 GO(Rt)No.787/2016/AGRI Dated:30.05.2016 

 TP(5)21683/2016 Dated:28.05.2016  

 TP(2)10507/2016 Dated:01.04.2016